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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hemochromatosis Diet Help

The condition itself [hemochromatosis] can be greatly aggravated by excessive alcohol consumption, Vitamin C intake, infections and other environmental factors.

As with most other conditions, one of the best ways to treat it naturally is to abide by a strict and healthy diet. While it is essential that you visit your licensed doctor and stringently follow any recommended medication, a healthy diet will help significantly reduce the amount of time taken to recover.

First off, you should avoid any iron supplements, including multivitamins that contain iron. Since vitamin C helps increase the human body’s ability to absorb iron, it is essential that you stay away from it as well.

A high intake of foods like beans, rice, nuts and grain is highly recommended as they do not contain any non-heme irons. One should also stay away from any food that contains sugar, as sugar greatly stimulates iron absorption in the human body. Foods rich in fiber content, eggs and supplemental calcium will help significantly in reducing the iron content of the body.

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