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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hemochromatosis Tips To Live By

Hemochromatosis is the number one killer of genetic diseases.

But not to worry. You don't have to become a statistic.
Just take the following suggestions to heart and you will
most likely be okay. Tannin can be a big help in reducing
the amount of iron your body takes in.

Most herbal teas do not contain tannin.
Dark teas such as oolong and 'Green Tea' do have it.

Personally I like to make a bunch of green tea, decaf
of course, put it in the fridge, and drink a bit with every meal.

If it wasn't decaf I would be up all night. The tea with the tannin
will slow down your iron absorbtion and is all around good for ya.

Watch your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C will help move the iron around
to your organs and we don't want that.

I have also heard that calcium slows down iron absorbtion too.
So a little cottage cheese with meals may help.

Make sure your vitamins don't have iron or vitamin C.

You should not drink any high vitamin C juices at least 3 hours
before or after a meal.

Hemochromatosis sufferers are 32% more likely to have a stroke.
I don't know who came up with that number. But I like to take Omega3
fatty acids. A little stroke and heart attack prevention can't hurt.

Drink lots of water to help keep your blood thin.

If you go for a phlebotomy and your blood is too thick
and keeps coagulating in the tube, the nurse may try to
give you heparin, a powerful agent that interferes with
the bodys normal clotting process. Not good. I just say no.

I come back after drinking a ton of water. Seems to work.
Alfalfa sprouts and onions are good blood thinners too.

I take it everyday.

Milk thistle extract [silymarin] might still be controversial
by some medical pros. I have no doubt about the powerful liver
protecting benefits of milk thistle. My results have been real good.
The old liver seems to be doing its job again.

Alcohol is one of the most harmful liver toxins on the planet.
Milk thistle extract can have a dramatic effect limiting alcohol damage.
Good stuff.

I use basic common sense and never indulge in any food or snack that
has been fortified with iron or vitamin C.

I have been using the same vein for nearly 10 years. It is getting a
bit scarred and not delivering the blood too well now. When switching
veins I have discovered that the closer the needle gets to your wrist,
the more painful it is.

I try to stay as high up the arm as possible. Seems to be less nerves
up there and is not nearly as painful.

One more quick tip: Never eat food that has been cooked in cast iron.
Iron from the pan will soak into the food and do more damage to your body.



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