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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Living With Hemochromatosis

It is a good idea to drink lots of water before going for your bloodletting. [phlebotomy]

I start really hittin the water a few days before and keep on drinking til I leave for the doctor or blood bank. This really helps thin the blood, keeping it from coagulating in the drain tube.

And I don't mean sodas and beer. We are talkin pure unadultrated H20.

Any kind of chlorophyll will also help. Onions, sprouts, any living plants etc.

Green tea contains tannin. Tannin will slow down your iron absorbtion too. Very good.

Don't take vitamin C for a few hours after you eat. Or just before eating. The vitamin C will move the iron to all the cells in your body. Bad.

I also take 'Milk Thistle'. This will really help rid your body of the poisons that kill your liver. In turn, killing you.

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