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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Suicide By Iron Overdose

Iron Deficiency Symptoms Outlined.

If a person does not have enough iron in their diet, or their body does not absorb iron properly, they may experience an iron deficiency. If a person has a loss of blood, they may also experience an iron deficiency.

Children may experience an iron deficiency for the same reasons, including lead poisoning. Iron deficiency can occur anytime that the body experiences a loss of iron. This normally occurs when the loss is bigger than the overall consumption of iron. This is a very common condition among people in the United States.

Iron is very important to the overall functioning of the body. It is found in red blood cells in a substance that is called hemoglobin. The main task of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen throughout the entire body. If a person experiences an iron deficiency, their body suffers from less oxygen and this, in turn, makes the body experience fatigue from the lack of energy.

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